HBSC Relay Champs

H.B. School Relays - 9th June 2019, Arborfield. Updated: 09/06/2019

  • Photos from the Relays are on facebook
  • Final School Points results are on the Honours Board page
  • Relay results [pdf] and [WinSplits]
  • Sample map with legend [pdf]
  • Important - Final event information [pdf]
  • Inter-School Competition points [pdf]
  • Event Health & Safety Plan [pdf]
  • Online entry open [here] open (entries close on 4th June)
  • Relay Entry Information ( 28th January)
  • Send enquiries to schools [at] hborienteering.com

We ask everyone to respect the following rules...

  • Leave your dogs at home, they are not welcome at our events.
  • Leave gates as you find them, climb them at the hinge end, do not open them.
  • Do not smoke at events, cigarettes pose a significant fire risk.
  • Take all rubbish with you when you go home, leave only your footprints.