The Club - Merchandise

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O-Tops - $90.00


Hawkes Bay Orienteering O-Tops 

Male/Female (most sizes available in stock now)


Club Singlets - $55.00



Hawkes Bay Orienteering Singlets
Male/Female (most sizes available in stock now)

Mens: small, medium, large.  Ladies 8,10,12



Sport Ident 8 - $65.00


Sport Ident 10 - $90

SI-Cards10 belongs to the third generation of SI-Cards. SI-Cards10 register the data record in 60 ms. This fast data record speed is twice as fast as SI-Card8/9. Not only coming with high punching speed but also SI-Card10 features large memory size which is able to store up to 128 intermediate times. It makes the SI-Card10 the perfect choice for the ambitious runner.