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Deborah Turner Rogaine on 05 Nov Updated on: 03-09-2017
Event: Deborah Turner Rogaine
Map/Area: Whanawhana [Map locations]
Type: Rogaine [Event info.]
Where: .
When: 05 Nov
Fees: . [Map fees table]
[Hire fees table]
Organisers: Tim Anderson &
Collectors: Robbie Smith/Neville Smith
Notes: .
Special notes for this event.
  • none.

We ask everyone to respect the Club rules.
  • Leave your dogs at home, they are not welcome at our events.
  • Leave gates as you find them, climb them at the hinge end, do not open them.
  • Do not smoke at events, cigarettes pose a significant fire risk.
  • Take all rubbish with you when you go home, leave only your footprints.
  • Be aware of the clubs Health & Safety Policy and our Protest Rules.

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