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SS2 on Wed 20 Feb 2019 Updated on: 13-02-2019

Event centre at Tamatea High school, Freyberg Ave., Tamatea, Napier. Parking along Freyberg Ave.
Wed 20 Feb 2019
Map Fees: Map fees vary depending on the event type.
Hire Fees: An SI Card is required for timing your run.
Daniel Harvey & Hugh Forlong-Ford
Kathy Young
Harvey family
Start times from 6.00pm to 7.00pm. Courses close at 7:30pm. At close time abandon your course and report to the results officials. Always report to the results officials even if you do not complete your course.
Summer Series events have an easy 3-Loop course of approx.. 3 km and an easy shorter White course.
Visitors are welcome. (We use pre-printed course maps. If you are bringing a group of visitors please send us an email.

Special notes for this event.
  • Grades for the loop courses are: Junior Women, Junior Men, Open Women, Open Men, Senior Women, Senior Men
  • The O for Kids interschool competition for primary schools and intermediate schools will run at the same venue with starts from 4pm.
  • As for any sprint courses, you are reminded that gardens (mapped in olive green) are not crossable. That means that YOU MAY NOT GO THROUGH THEM and YOU MAY NOT JUMP OVER THEM. Likewise fences, walls and gates mapped with a heavier black line are NOT TO BE CROSSED. For all these you must go around, not through or over.

We ask everyone to respect the Club rules.
  • Leave your dogs at home, they are not welcome at our events.
  • Leave gates as you find them, climb them at the hinge end, do not open them.
  • Do not smoke at events, cigarettes pose a significant fire risk.
  • Take all rubbish with you when you go home, leave only your footprints.
  • Be aware of the clubs Health & Safety Policy and our Protest Rules.