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Night Event- Katoa Po warm-up on Feb 24 2024 Updated on: 22-02-2024

Night Event- Katoa Po warm-up
Te Mata Park  
The event centre is at Tauroa Rd entrance. The car park is likely to still be in use by the general public, so if full, there is parking on the road and verges near the Tauroa Valley turn off 100m before the car park. There are toilets in the car park.
Feb 24 2024
Map Fees: Map fees vary depending on the event type.
Hire Fees: An SI Card is required for timing your run.
Bill Edwards & Kevin Harvey
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There are 2 courses; an easy course of 1.6Km (yellowish) with some climb. and a hard course of 4.0Km (reddish orange standard) with quite a bit of climb. There is an option to shorten the hard course to 3.2Km if desired, or possibly shorter still. Start time from when it's dark enough (probably about 8:15pm) to 8:45pm. Courses close at 10:00pm.
Please note that the map has not been updated since the cyclone, so recent slips are not shown. There has also been significant work carried out close to the start and finish area, with fences and trees in particular having disappeared. Controls will be sited to avoid the worst of the map issues, but it would be unwise to have complete confidence in the map's accuracy.

We ask everyone to respect the Club rules.
  • Leave your dogs at home, they are not welcome at our events.
  • Leave gates as you find them, climb them at the hinge end, do not open them.
  • Do not smoke at events, cigarettes pose a significant fire risk.
  • Take all rubbish with you when you go home, leave only your footprints.
  • Be aware of the clubs Health & Safety Policy and our Protest Rules.