O-Tuesday - Term 2

Important Notice ..... the orienteering session will not be held next Tuesday, so the sessions have now ended. Thanks to all those who attended this term, see you again in Term 1 in 2019.

For further orienteering in Term 3 visit Winter O-Series club events ... See the information flyer here.


Orienteering Practice on Tuesday afternoons, 4pm-5pm in Taradale/Tamatea area for Primary School students during Term 2 has now finished due to cancellations.

Information Flyer



O for Kids  - Term 1

Competition Points

Napier       Hastings           






Results - Week 1          Napier              Hastings 

              Week 2          Napier              Hastings

              Week 3         Napier               Hastings

              Week 4         Napier               Hastings

              Week 5         Napier               Hastings

              Week 6         Napier               Hastings

              Week 7         Napier               Hastings

              Week 8         Napier               Hastings

              Week 9         Cancelled           Hastings


In 2018 there will be an inter-school competition in both Hastings and Napier areas.

For Schools in Hastings/Haveock North/Flaxmere & environs the competition information is available here.

For Schools in Napier & environs the competition information is available here.




O for Kids is promoted in collaboration with SportHB.