The Club - Membership

Orienteering is a sport which involves using specially drawn maps and sometimes a compass, to navigate around a pre-set course. You can be competitive or you can simply enjoy the countryside and the challenge of successfully navigating around a course.

The club has a regular programme of events, which usually have a range of courses available. Courses range in both length and technical difficulty, so people of all ages and abilities are catered for - it is an ideal family sport.

We welcome non-members at our events - you don't need any special equipment, just wear shoes suitable for walking or running. At the event, please ask if you need some help - there will be someone who can advise on a suitable course and help get you started. 

From February 2020 the ONZ requires all clubs to use the internet based revolutioniseSport membership system. Members register their own details and receive an email providing them with a  username and a button to set their own password. You can then View/Edit your own membership details.

Note to Parents registering Family Group Membership: Please register each family member separately and individually by using the link to go back into the database for each member. Only pay the invoice forwarded to the "Primary Adult" ( ignore all other invoices generated for other family members. Thank you.)