deco double
Hawke's Bay Orienteering Club welcomes you to Labour Weekend 2007.   We have combined the Wellington & Central Districts Championships to offer you a weekend filled with the variety and challenge that orienteering in Hawke's Bay brings.  We have set aside our best maps to make this a weekend not to be missed!  

We'll revisit Whanawhana' , a map that has only been used once  before (2005 NZ Championships long distance event), for the Wellington long & middle distance events.  For the Central Districts Championships, we return to an old favourite, 'The Slump'.  This challenging piece of terrain, remapped and redrawn this year, will be well remembered by many orienteers.  In between these events, we'll jump into a downtown 'Havelock North' for an evening Deco Dash.
  • Oct 31 - A brief wrap-up of the event from the organisers side [html].
  • Oct 31 - Unclaimed runners maps will be sent to club secretaries
  • Oct 31 - Maps for people who "did not start" have been mailed to them.
  • Oct 27 - We will mail out maps to people who "did not start", but not just yet.
  • Oct 24 - Family Competition results are available from the results page.
  • Oct 23 - Thanks to everyone who came to the event and battled the windy, but dry, conditions.
  • Oct 13 - The event programme is now available from the menu.
  • Oct 12 - Start lists are now available from the menu.
  • Oct 10 - We still welcome your entry, but as the start draw & map printing is underway, late entry fees will apply.
  • Oct 02 - The Girl Guides food stall will be providing baking, tea and coffee, cold drinks, a sausage sizzle and burgers with coleslaw and beetroot.
  • Oct 02 - A string course will be available at each event, except the Sprint, for young children
  • Sep 21 - The event locations are shown on the google maps at the maptalk website.
  • Sep 5 - The local Girl Guides will run a food stall, probably hotdogs and sausages, at each event, except the Sprint O.
  • Aug 26 - If you want to download the event information and a printable version of the entryform use the "Infomation & Entryform" option in the Menu panel to the left, or click [here].
  • Aug 26 - The "Draft Entry list" enables you to immediately verify that an online entry was successful, you don't need to wait a day or two, but it is not the oficial list as it will never show corrections or changes.
  • Aug 13 - The Rugby World Cup final is happening on Sunday 21st October at 8:00am (NZDT). We will be delaying the start of of the WOA Middle Distance event until 12:00 noon.